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Sistema di stabilizzazione pilota automatico per elicotteri rc Dji WooKong-H



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Dati Tecnici - Technical Data

Il sistema di stabilizzazione, il primo costruito per riproduzioni in scala per gli appassionati di elicotteri!

WooKong trasforma un principiane in un buon pilota, e un buon pilota in un grande pilota in breve tempo.

Wookong H può essere utilizzato in tutte le piattaforme elicottero, con teste bipala o tripala, con o senza flybar, con tutti i tipi di piatti oscillanti e teste rotore, motori da elicotteri elettrici o benzina o turbina. Tutti i tipi di elicotteri in scala o un hobby può essere installato con WOOKONG modo semplice e veloce.

The first stabilization system built for scale/hobby helicopter enthusiasts!!! We recognize your passion, masterful skill, relentless for perfection;
While you take the time in building an outstanding fuselage, it is the air time that rewards the sense of accomplishment...

WooKong-H will deliver the sense of accomplishment every time you take it up into the big sky in conditions others will wait on the sideline. Nothing flies

more beautifully in controlled manner.

WooKong-H will turn a novice into a good pilot, and good one into a great pilot in a short time.


- Compact Size and Light weight 140 gr. WOOKONG-H even also can be installed on 450 size of helicopter.

- Easy Instalallation The installation of WOOKONG-H is much similar to Ace One. The innovative build-in damping system allow the helicopter be installed

without additional frames and dampers. The system helps customer to minimize size, reduce weight and simplify installation that can be applied on different

helicopter models
- Multiple Flight Control Mode / Integillen Switching WOOKONG-H offers three types of control modes: GPS Atti. Mode, Atti. Mode, Manual Mode (excluding GPS

Cruise Mode of Ace One). Customers can switch among the three modes to adjust different flight environment even in the specially weak GPS environment

- Accurate Position & Altitude Hold Autopilot system offers longitude & latitude locking and highly accurate hovering. Even in the windy environment, aircraft

can hover in small scale area. Accuracy: horizontal=2 meters. Altitude=1 meters

- Hight Accuracy / Driving Handfeels The pilot can focus more attention in other work, such as controlling the camera angle, without tension in the driving

- Semi Auto Take off & Landing In?GPS Atti. Mode?or?Atti. Mode?, requiring only pushing the throttle (collective pitch) stick gently to take-off helicopter,

WooKong-H autopilot system will be in charge of the cyclic pitch/roll stabilization

- Enhanced Failsafe / Auto Hovering The helicopter will hover automatically when it loss the RC signal. This feature will protect your expensive payloads and

equipments very well.

- Build in Tail Gyro / Flybarless SupportThe tail gyro and FBL have become standard features of WooKong-H. No more extra work installing additional tail gyros

and FBL electronic parts. The helicopter’s electronic system has been greatly simplified. Therefore different electrical parts can be connected much more

easily. One central piece calculates all of the flying configurations.

- Build in Engine / GovernorThe engine speed lock and governor are also standard features for WooKong-H. The built-in engine governor simplifies the parameter

settings, and increases the compatibility of the system. All you need is to connect an extra standard sensor to use.

- Data Import & Export

- Firmware Online Update


•Swash support - Normal, Three Servo 120°/140°/90°, Four Servo 90°
•Recommended Transmitter - PCM or 2.4GHz minimum 7 channels and Failsafe function available on all channels
•Tail Servo Frequency Response – 760us – 333Hz ,560Hz 1520us – 125Hz,165Hz,165Hz,270Hz,333Hz
•Cyclic Servos – 50 Hz
•Operating Temperature –50°C to 60°C
•Hovering Accuracy – Vertical : ± 0.5m Horizontal : ± 1m
•Suitable Wind Condition – < 8m/s (17.9mph/28.8km/h)
•Forward / Backward Speed – ± 72 Km/h (44.74mph)
•Left / Right Speed – ± 56.7 Km/h (35.77mph)
•Operating system – Windows XP sp3 / Windows 7


Main Controller: 51mm x 31mm x 15mm
IMU: 41mm x 31mm x 28mm
GPS & Compass: 50mm (diameter) x 9mm
LED Indicator: 25mm x 25mm x 7mm
Total Weight: <= 140g



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Sistema di stabilizzazione pilota automatico per elicotteri rc Dji WooKong-H

Sistema di stabilizzazione pilota automatico per elicotteri rc Dji WooKong-H

pilota automatico hely

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