Elicottero elettrico Align T-REX 250 PLUS DFC RTF con radio Futaba T6 Align montato e settato pronto al volo



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1. T-REX 250 PLUS DFC BTF(Ready To Fly)complete package was assembled and tuned at the factory. This fully assembled helicopter can be flown immediately just by plugging in a charged battery, allowing the pilot to bypass assembly and adjustment process.
2.Align T6 R/C system utilizes Futaba 2.4G S-FHSS frequency hopping 6 channel transmitter, with complete helicopter functions along with 15 model memory.
3.Built in normal flight mode and stunt flight mode, with two step dual rate settings.
4.Equipped with the low CG DFC rotor head, effectively reduce wind resistance during flight, providing the most direct and precise control feel back to the pilot, and exhibits exhilarating 3D performance and unimaginable flight speed.
5. Equipped with newly released 3GX MRS flybarless system, with FHSS 2.4GHz buit in receive function, support Spektrum DSM2/DSMX or JR DSM2 satellite. For simpler and more direct setup, with setting optimized for T-Rex 250 Plus DFC, resulting in more stable and more preferable control feel than ever before.
6. Designed specifically for DFC rotorhead system, improving DFC connecting rod's strength and minimizing linkage detachment during extreme flight maneuvers.
7. Material integration technology used in frames, improving rigidity and simplifies maintenance.
8. New style quick removable gyroscope mounting platform integrated with rudder servo mount, effectively utilizes frame’s inner space for simplified maintenance.
9. New anti-rotation guide.
10. Strengthen landing skids enhanced its durability.
11. High efficiency shaft tail drive system, effectively increase rudder performance and decrease power loss.
12. Utilizes newly developed, highest spec and superior anti-wear material to increase the overall strength and durability for torque tube drive gear. Effectively minimize gear striping and crash damage.
13. Single unit tail belt unit with the new counter weighted tail blade grips make it easier assembly and improving rudder efficiency.
14. Utilizes dual point attachment design for zero play and higher precision control feel.
15. Newly styled aerodynamically canopy for the ultimate fit.

Users must have a certain concept of security to operate the R/C helicopters. 
Be sure to read and comply with related safety notes of instruction manual before flying.

Contenuto del kit:
●T-REX 250 PRO Kit Set x 1 set
●205D Carbon Fiber Blades x 1 set
●RCM-BL250MX(3600KV) Brushless motor x 1
●ALIGN T6 of Futaba S-FHSS 2.4G Transmitter x 1
●3GX MRS Programmable Flybarless System X 1set
●DS425M Digital servo x 1
●DS415M Digital servo x 3
●RCE-BL15X Brushless ESC x 1 set
●37mm Tail Blade x 1 set
●Balance Charger RCC-3SX x 1 
●11.1V 3S Li-Po 850mAh battery x 1
●1.5V AA Zinc-Carbon Battery x 4

Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly:
1.Pitch gauge x 1

3GX MRS Programmable Flybarless System
3GX MRS's was designed with goals of simple, convenient, light, and ease of adjustment.
With the embedded brand new Futaba S-FHSS 2.4Ghz system/JR DSM2 and Spektrum DSM2/DSMX ,the 3GX MRS is more than just a flybarless system; it simplifies installation on small/micro sized helicopters since no receiver is needed. Its set up is extremely intuitive simplicity, just needs a few steps can easily complete the 3GX MRS adjustment. Optimized for T-Rex 250,T-Rex 450 and T-Rex 500 flybarless helicopters, with factory default setting, steady flying performance suitable for majority of pilots handling feel. In simple terms, the 3GX MRS provides pilots a more economical and reliable option.

●Spektrum and JR Satellite antennas support (Replaces original factory receiver)
●Built in Futaba S-FHSS 2.4Ghz receiver, directly compatible with Align T6 and Futaba S-FHSS transmitters.
●Flybarless system designed specifically for T-Rex 250, T-Rex 450 and T-Rex 500, with small footprint, simplified setting process.
●Optimized for T-Rex 250 , T-Rex 450 and T-Rex 500helicopters; with factory default setting suitable for majority of pilots.
●Use for T-REX 250/T-REX 450/T-REX 500.

3GX MRS Programmable Flybarless System

●Suitable Voltage Range:DC 3.5~8.4V
●Operating current consumption:<100mA @4.8V
●X and Y axis Operating Angle Range:-300~+300 degree
●Z axis Operating Angle Range:-600~+600 degree
●Sensor resolution:12 BIT
●Operating Temperature:-20~65 degree
 ●Compatible with T-REX 250、T-REX 450 and T-REX 500
●Operating humidity:0%~95%
●RoHS certified
●Size:37.6x22.4x13 mm Size 
●Weight: 10g Weight



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Elicottero elettrico Align T-REX 250 PLUS DFC RTF con radio Futaba T6 Align montato e settato pronto al volo

Elicottero elettrico Align T-REX 250 PLUS DFC RTF con radio Futaba T6 Align montato e settato pronto al volo

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